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The Milk Years: Tracy Massillon, IBCLC

 I provide practical and non-judgmental breastfeeding support. I work with you to
help you explore your options, understand your choices, and achieve your goals.
We work together to form a comprehensive breastfeeding plan, which will be
based on your family’s unique health care beliefs and specific circumstances.


As an IBCLC, I provide assistance with:

  • Latch and Positioning
  • Optimizing your milk supply
  • Baby‘s weight loss/gain concern
  • Supplementation
  • Nipple and breast pain/soreness
  • Interpreting nursing behaviors
  • Resolving challenges such as plugged ducts,
    mastitis, and thrush
  • Nursing pre-term infants and multiples
  • Breastfeeding after breast surgery
  • Inducing lactation, re-lactation, and breastfeeding
    your adopted baby
  • Assistance with pumping, milk storage, and
  • Preparing to return to work/school and continuing to
  • Weaning

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Contact Person Tracy Massillon, IBCLC
Phone Number 415-205-1357
Areas Served
San Francisco
East Bay
North Bay
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