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How To Get Listed

Simple steps to help you reach expectant and new parents.

1. Get Started

Your starting point is the “list your services” button in the navigation menu. Top right on desktop, bottom of the mobile menu, or right here!.

2. Choose a Listing Type

Click on the card that best matches the Listing Type (provider or place) you would like to add to our directory.

Tip: If you plan to post both types of listings start with “place”.

3. Choose a Listing Package

Pick a Listing Package that best meets your needs.

Tip: If you plan to list  3 or more team members, services or businesses choose our “Team” Package.

4. Create Your Account

You must create an account with us before submitting your first Listing.

You need to click on the “Register” link on the form which may be greyed out. 

Tip: If you have a Google or Facebook account, you can use it to quickly set up a new account.

5. Add Your Listing Info + Images (Thoughtfully)

While not all fields are required to get started, we recommend that Listings be as complete as possible.

REQUIRED: Add thoughtfully chosen & properly sized images to enhance your listing.  Images that are the wrong size get cropped oddly and may be removed at our discretion.

Please note that the cover image looks different on various devices and pages.  For the best results follow the size requirements below and view the placement guide & examples in this section:

  • ~ Cover (header) image should be 1920x1080px
  • ~ Logo (or headshot) should be 300×300 px
  • ~ Gallery images can be any square shape.
  • ~ All image file sizes needs to be less than 2mb. 

Use an app/website like to create an image w/ the correct dimensions & to reduce file size.

Special Feature! You can “affiliate” yourself with related Providers or Places. So if you are part of our doula collective for example, and they have a listing, you can relate your listing to thiers. 

6. Checkout

Enter your payment information, which is securely transmitted to and stored by an industry-leading online payment processor…PayPal. Once your payment is submitted, you will receive an email with your order information.

7. Listing Goes Live

After a successful checkout your listing will be live on our site. Important: We reserve the right to remove any listing for any reason. You will receive a full refund in those instances.