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Nourish New Life is based in San Francisco, California and aims to help expectant parents prepare for the postpartum period by hosting a cooking party before the baby arrives.

In addition to this core service of cooking parties, I offer immediate and more long-term postpartum support as well as general nutritional guidance throughout the lifecycle.

My background

My name is Mandy Murphy Carroll. While I have my formal nutrition training from my Bachelor of Sciences in Nutritional Sciences, credential as a Registered Dietitian (RD), and my Master in Public Health Nutrition (MPH), my longstanding passion is bringing people together in community over home cooked meals.

I grew up in Arizona and my parents always made an effort for our family to eat dinner together, even if it meant sitting down at the table at 9pm. They often invited people to join us throughout any given month: grandparents, family friends, neighbors, community members. This love of eating meals in community ultimately sparked my interest in pursuing the study of nutrition.

Throughout the past 15 years as dietitian and public health professional, I have been dedicated to working with my greater community in the promotion of holistic health, wellness, and healing. During this time, I have also had the privilege to find my life partner and become a parent myself. My husband and I live in the Mission District with our two children, and a lovely community of neighbors.

My approach to health

My approach is rooted in evidence-based practices, compassion, humility, practicality, and creativity. I take a holistic and whole person approach to health and wellness.

This means I seek to understand the many components that drive health, including physical, mental, and emotional health.

I want to work with individuals as a whole person, not solely focusing on one aspect, such as nutrition. I aim to work with clients individually, meeting your unique needs as you are, and most importantly, helping you set and achieve realistic goals that you can implement and sustain throughout your changing life. I strive to use clear communication that feels welcoming to each individual.

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