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It takes a village! You are prepared to care for your little, and I am here to make sure YOU are taken care of too.

Prenatal Support

Our connection can start as early or as late as fits your family! Ideally one in-home prenatal meeting to spend time getting to know each other, discuss postpartum plans, and identify how to begin to prepare the home the little's arrival. I'm always only a text / call away.

Postpartum Support

Empowering non-medical physical, emotional, and practical support after the birth of your baby. Support includes, but not limited to:

Body/Chest/Breast/Bottle feeding assistance
Newborn Care (swaddling, diapering, sleep, bathing, babywearing)
Prepping healing baths and soaks
Light housekeeping (laundry, dishes, etc)
Calmness amidst newborn haze through a non-judgement, reassuring presence

Meal Preparation

Taking time to recoup and regenerate during the weeks after birth is essential for new parents (non-birthing ones too!). I am honored to prepare whole food nourishment to new parents, helping bodies recover better from birth and aid in the rhythm of sleepless newborn days/nights. Many of my meal preps are pulled from the book The First 40 Days (highly recommend).

Resources & Reccs

Referrals to professionals within the community for all your postpartum and newborn needs.

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