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Spark Chiropractic

Jenny Proenza, DC, of Spark Chiropractic has been offering pre-natal specific chiropractic services in the Mission/Noe area of San Francisco for over a decade, during which time she has adjusted hundreds of pregnant clients. She is a graduate of Life Chiropractic College West and has pursued post-graduate education in perinatal treatments through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (icpa4kids.org).  She is Webster Technique certified, and practices a low-force chiropractic technique that is safe, gentle and effective.  Getting adjusted should be a comfortable experience!

The benefits of chiropractic care during pregnancy are many, including: greater comfort and ease, optimal alignment of the pelvis and spine to facilitate natural birth, and balancing the nervous system to boost function and decrease stress for mother and child.  
Some common complaints that are effectively treated are low back pain, sciatic pain (shooting pain down either leg), lower rib pain, pubic symphysis pain (especially noticed as sharp pain in the groin when turning over in bed at night), round ligament pain and good old-fashioned “waddling”.  
But decreasing pain is far from the only benefit of chiropractic care.  Most people report that they leave the office feeling relaxed and calm; a neurological response to the adjustment that pregnant women share with their baby’s nervous system.  
Clients can begin chiropractic care at any point in the pregnancy, and it is helpful to be adjusted even late in the the third trimester.  
Check sparkchiropractic.com for more information, and click through to the online booking page.

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Website sparkchiropractic.com
Contact Person Jenny Proenza, DC
Phone Number 415.648.6481
Email sparkchiropractic@gmail.com
Areas Served
San Francisco
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284 29th Street
San Francisco, CA 94131


M 1-8 PM
Tu 7:30 AM-1PM
Th 1-8 PM
F 7:30 AM-1 PM

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