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Yula the Doula: Preparation, Support, & Advocacy for Your Birth

Yula Paluy, happily doulaing in SF, Oakland, & Berkeley.

It would be a privilege to help you prepare for the birth of your baby, and to support you during labor so that your experience aligns with your values, and is as healthy and peaceful as possible. 
I’ve supported clients in hospital, birth center, and home settings. Wherever and however you plan to birth, what matters is that you feel informed, calm, and confident during this transformative time in your life. 

My inspiration for becoming a doula was discovering the positive effects that doulas have on birthing experiences. Research shows that having a doula can lead to shorter labor, reduced need for medications, lower likelihood of a c-section, easier breastfeeding, and greater self-esteem 1,2.

My background is in cognitive and social psychological research. I conducted research at SF State, UC Berkeley, UCSF, and Stanford, where I examined the effects of language and of shared humor on physical and emotional experience. My practice as a doula is informed by all of my training, knowledge, and skills. I keep up-to-date with best birth support techniques and with research on established and alternative medical practices. My volunteer doula experience includes work with Homeless Prenatal Project and the program at CPMC Mission-Bernal.

When you get in touch, please include your location, EDD, where you plan to birth (if you know), and anything else you’d like me to know.

You can learn about my services, fees, and more here.
And you can read reviews here. 

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