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Date:April 6, 2021 10:21 am

With nearly fifteen years of experience as a birth and postpartum doula, student midwife, childbirth educator, infant care specialist, sleep consultant, and doula trainer, Em Flynn has worked with over 500 families through the childbearing year with warm, humor, expertise, and passion for what she does.

Seeing the growing trends around fear and misinformation particularly in regards to newborn and family sleep in the first year, Em has spent the last several years educating and supporting parents through finding safe, sane, and evidence-based approaches to infant sleep choices that work not with trends, but with the true needs and desires of individual families.

Infant sleep support with Rosewood leaves behind the "bad habits" and "manipulation" rhetoric that does NOTHING to make parents feel competent or safe in the process toward adapting to newborn sleep rhythms. Most infant sleep consult packages rely on some time spent in observation of family life to better inform the guidance given. Six weeks of follow up are built into every type of care to leave you feeling like you are the experts in your own parenting choices, not the latest Mommy blog or most popular IG post. This can help you better navigate the changing patterns of sleep not just in the fourth trimester, but through the some times tricky toddler times and beyond.

Baby sleep consulting packages with Rosewood aim to be affordable, accessible, and flexible. I hope I can help ease your fears and concerns around this fraught topic and have you sleeping peacefully in postpartum!

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