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ROOTS and anchors psychotherapy

Hi there.

Looks like you are looking to take care of yourself. Excellent.
My name is Krisztina and I am a licensed MFT and have been in the filed of peripartum psychotherapy for over 10 years.
The peripartum period encompasses the time before and after pregnancy, including birth.
Unique and complex events take place during this time effecting women and those around them.  A new constellation of hormones, body changes and wake / sleep cycles are constantly changing.  Identity shifts.  Relationships transform.  Unexpected events may occur.  This often effects mood.  Sometimes there is baby blues, depression and anxiety to name a few. 
My role as a therapist is to help you understand postpartum symptoms, your own relationship with this experience, so that you can have your own set of tools to cope, manage and improve through.  This is also helpful for those supporting you. 
There is no such thing as too much help during this time.  You deserve to feel better.   

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Website www.rootsandanchorstherapy.com
Contact Person Krisztina
Phone Number 415-592-6449
Email rootsandanchors@gmail.com
Areas Served
San Francisco
East Bay
Business Address

home visit / office location in east bay


Mondays AM or PM / occasional weekend

My Rates intake 1.5 hrs (220.00-250.00) / 1 hrs therapy (170.00-220.00)
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