When I found out I was pregnant I went on a mission to devour all the information. ALL OF IT! But I was shocked to find there was so little out there, especially for singers.  Our bodies are our instruments and having a framework of what to expect and how to manage anything that comes up is so important… so I made it my mission to be that source for the mothers coming behind me.  What did I wish I know before I had a kid?  What helped me heal?  What allows me to be the best mother and artist I can be now?

The truth is, it took me over 3 years to put all these pieces together: myself, my family, and my career.  It's a lot to deal with on a good day and even harder when you're dealing with keeping a tiny human alive.  My goal is to establish a new generation of mothers who are better prepared, more in tune with their wants and needs, and more fully supported to live their lives at the highest levels.

To do this, I've incorporated 20+ years of professional singing and the highest level of music study, 12 years of working with physical therapists, 8 years of integrative Alexander Technique, my constant thirst for knowledge, and my increasing desire to connect and heal with mothers on this transformative journey.

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