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Moonbelly and Baby

I am a trained birth doula, midwifery student, mother of two, certified yoga teacher, and women’s coach.  I offer labor and birth support for a calm natural powerful labor,  facilitate women’s circles and offer 1:1 support and coaching.  I am an executive and organizational design coach day to day as well as my holistic care services.  
Birth is a unique and sacred experience for women. Birth is also an experience that benefits immensely from continuous, caring, and nurturing support. I believe in creating a safe, calm, and empowered environment for a woman to give birth in. By giving women tools such as relaxation, offering physical support and movement, meditation, partner involvement techniques, birth planning, education, advocacy and much more I am able to offer support to help a birthing person reach the outcome they desire. I work with women to help them imagine, create, and experience a birth that is right for them. Birth is a natural process that loves to be nurtured.

It is important to me to make birth education, birth support, and the experience of transformational and spiritual birth available to all women. By doing this work I am able to be a resource and a partner to women and their families through this sacred, challenging, and beautiful time. 

If you’re interested in doula support, coaching, starting a women’s circle, or joining a Birth Stories session with other women please reach out!

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