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Laura Barbosa - Postpartum Doula

*Vaccinated against Covid-19 as of January 28th 2021*

As a postpartum doula I provide emotional, physical and educated guidance to new parents after the birth of their baby. My support is nonjudgmental, compassionate, nurturing and working with each family’s need.

Ways I can provide night support:
-Teach newborn care, tend to your baby’s needs
-Assistance on breastfeeding and postpartum recovery
-Help with feeding plan to allow new moms to maximize their sleep
-Establish healthy sleep routines for the baby
As the first weeks are so important to a baby and mother’s well-being, and because I find this so rewarding, I decided that becoming a doula was the next step in my career. In my work with newborns, I have helped parents set up nurseries and organize their homes to create the right environment for them and their baby. I have supported mothers with breastfeeding and bathing and I have been a source of comfort and good information for the whole family in times of stress.
I’m looking forward to bringing mothers and their babies the care and support they deserve in the first wonderful and sometimes bewildering weeks of a baby’s life.
I have over 16 years of experience working with children and their families from the very first days right into their teenage years. 
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Phone Number 415-367-5173
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