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Amy Clark RN, IBCLC Breastfeeding Support & Education

Hello! I am a Registered Nurse (since 1995) and Board Certified Lactation Consultant (since 2012)  In my private practice I have the BEST job of visiting families in their homes, offering breastfeeding/lactation support and education.

After birth, you and your baby will be learning a new skill:  Breastfeeding. As natural as it may seem, breastfeeding can be difficult without the proper guidance.  As a home-visiting nurse, I firmly believe your experiences as a new parent are better achieved in the comfort of your own home environment.  I encourage all new parents to remain home as much as possible after the birth of their baby in order to recover and heal from the labor/birth, and to help establish lactation/breastfeeding and your relationship with your new baby.

My philosophy is to provide all new families with the information and “tools” they need to be successful in their parenting adventure and to help reach their individual goals for their family.  I offer best practice guidelines and up-to-date information that is based on evidence from clinical practice and research on human lactation.  Along with my solid medical/nursing background, I also follow an holistic approach to birth, breastfeeding and newborn care.  I also offer basic information on natural remedies that can complement traditional therapies.

I can help with:  Positioning & Latch; Establishing Milk Supply; Sore Nipples/Breasts; Plugged Ducts/Mastitis/Thrush; Understanding Newborn Behavior; Safe Sleep Practices; Breastfeeding After Breast Surgery; Fussy Baby/”Colic”/Gas; Infant Weight Gain; Breastfeeding Pre-Term Infants/Multiples; Pumping/Hand Expressing Your Milk; Storage of Human Milk/Bottle Feeding; Returning To Work & Maintaining Your Supply; Incorporating Solid Foods; Transitioning To A Sippy Cup; Weaning; Tandem Feeding While Pregnant and much more…

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Contact Person Amy Clark RN, IBCLC
Phone Number 415-254-5349
Areas Served
San Francisco
East Bay
North Bay
South Bay
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Home Visits & Virtual Visits during COVID


Visits scheduled 9am to 3pm
Monday-Friday and some weekends

My Rates Contact for current rates. Travel fee will be applied for travel outside of San Francisco
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