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Kat Whipple Coaching - Family Coaching

Are you curious how you fill your cup up so much that the overflow fills your family’s cup? Has parenthood transformed your life in ways you never thought it would? Are you totally stuck on how you nurture yourself, while caring for everyone else, in the already limited time you have? Do you want to be the absolute best version of you for your little love(s)? Science has confirmed that you are an entirely different version of yourself after giving birth, something parents and those most closely supporting them have known for years and years. So, what are you doing to to support you? If you are desiring more time, love, support, trust in your intuition or even something more specific like confidence as a parent, parenting skills, support for returning to work, infusing your partnership with romance or simply taking the leap of faith towards whatever you desire, I am the coach for you. I will help you get in touch with your dreams for yourself and your family. Own them. Move towards them. And, live them. Ultimately, becoming the parent you want to be. I am a queer woman who is a lover of life and wholeheartedly believe parents can and are changing the world. I have been a coach, therapist, mediator, facilitator and doula, working with families and family systems for over 18 years.

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Phone Number 9706185929
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My Rates Free 20 minute informational call. $215 per session or Packages for $1365 for 7 sessions or $2660 for 14 sessions.