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Home Girls Doula Support

{Lisa is currently on a leave of absence} 

I am a mother and a doula with strong family values, I believe in building community, enjoying life, and feeling empowered and healthy. When it comes to birth I have a passion for creating a beautiful space for birth, however that turns out to be. My goal is to really get to know you and your partner and be there to support the two of you. I will listen to you , help educate you, and will assist in all varieties of comfort measures whether that be emotionally or physically.  I also continue to work as massage therapists, specializing in pre and postnatal massage.
I am enthusiastic and passionate about the kind of postpartum care we can create, decided week by week ho to customize our time.. I have extensive knowledge in nutrition and physical fitness. As well as being very adaptable to any needs that mom or partner may need.  I have assisted so many women through the years that needed a home girl to come over and know how to jump in and start washing dishes or hold the baby while mom showers while also making some delicious food for the family. You need a home girl. Someone you trust and someone you know cares about you. This is something I shine at doing!
Our Philosophy:
Four words:Family. Trust. Care. Education.

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Contact Person Heather Hughes
Phone Number 4153098449
Areas Served
San Francisco
East Bay
North Bay
My Rates $1,800 birth -$45 postpartum
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