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Caroline Costa - Yoga | Doula

Hello! I’m Caroline Costa, I’m from Porto Alegre, Brazil. I am a lover of nature, discoveries and human relations. That is precisely why I have traveled to more than ten countries. I have also lived in Europe, studying in Portugal and Spain. Currently I live in San Mateo (Bay Area – CA), USA.

I graduated as a journalist by the Superior School of Propaganda and Marketing (ESPM-Sul) in 2015 and I have eight years of experience with projects and studies in communication, sociology and human rights. My undergraduate experience, besides the trips, provided me fluency in Portuguese, English and Spanish.

I have seven years of personal study with Yoga and, since 2017, I am acting as a yoga instructor. I have already guided private practices, in groups, outdoors and in enclosed spaces. At different times, the Yoga moments I lead are aligned with the principles of Tantra Yoga, which focuses on the body-mind-cosmos connection. I also offer Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra classes. The proposal is to assist the practitioner in his path of self-knowledge, perception of his feelings and attunement to the Divine in his heart.

Since 2016 I’m connected with women’s circles and trajectories, studying women’s history and religions. That’s why I came to USA, to continue my studies in this path. In 2018 I’ve completed my training as Birth Doula at Natural Resources in San Francisco, CA. Since 2018, also, I work as a babysitter, helping moms and family’s in their lives.

The work as a Birth Doula is personalized and combined according to the needs of the mother and the family. However, I consider the importance of performing at least three (3) encounters before the delivery (1 hour each) and one (1) postpartum meeting (1 hour), in addition to being on-call for childbirth from week 37.

There are also other possibilities to include in the Birth Doula service. Check out my website: www.carolinecostayoga.wordpress.com

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Website www.carolinecostayoga.wordpress.com
Contact Person Caroline Costa
Phone Number 650-431-9346
Email carolinecostacontact@gmail.com
Areas Served
San Francisco
My Rates $500 Birth Doula Service, $50/hour Yoga Class, $25/hour as babysitter