Blue Ova Health

Date:July 2, 2015 7:33 pm

Blue Ova Health is a women-owned integrative health care center utilizing treatments to promote fertility, pregnancy and postnatal health and well-being. The center combines both traditional and modern medicine together offering acupuncture, herbology, Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Massage Therapy, prenatal and postnatal massage, as well as  nutritional counseling, lactation consulting, and other unique offerings designed to help individuals conceive, carry and birth. 

Blue Ova was named Best Acupuncturist in San Francisco Bay Area 2017, and a Top 4 Acupuncturist by Bay Area A-List for the past 7 consecutive years.

Our specialties:

Acupuncture for Fertility

Blue Ova constructs customized fertility treatment plans for every stage of a woman’s journey toward motherhood. Whether women are trying to conceive naturally, or via IUI or IVF, we consider the unique constitution of each patient to develop treatment plans that foster success.

Acupuncture for Pregnancy

Acupuncture and Chinese medicine can ease a woman through the many physical and emotional changes that occur during each trimester of her pregnancy, and help to ensure a comfortable and healthy pregnancy.

At Blue Ova, our acupuncture pregnancy support program is offered as a complement to conventional medical care for common issues and increased wellness during pregnancy.  From morning sickness to breech presentation to support with labor induction, we treat women through their entire journey into motherhood.

Acupuncture for Postnatal

The restoration for a new mother’s health is critical during the weeks following birth, for her own wellbeing and for her ability to be present for her newborn.  During these visits, the goal is to balance hormones, establish milk supply, alleviate depression, shrink ovaries, and bring balance back to the body. Postnatal acupuncture, herbal therapy and moxabustion can provide a vital support during this transition.

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Contact Person Robin Sheared LAc, FABORM; Dashal Moore LAc; Elana Weisberg LAc
Phone Number (415)795-3900
Areas Served
San Francisco
Business Address

1414 Castro Street, San Francisco, CA 94114


Monday-Friday 7:45am-8:30pm / Saturday 9am-1:30pm

My Rates Initial Acupuncture Consult + Treatment -- $160; Acupuncture Follow-up -- $105 (discount packages available); Massage (60min) -- $105; Maya Abdominal Massage - Initial) $200; Maya Abdominal Massage Follow-Up $150