Bia Don Dia

Date:November 2, 2018 9:56 am

Bia Don Dia is Gaelic for 'food for the God' 

and in our case, God meaning Mother; creator of life.

This is a traditional postpartum food delivery and placenta encapsulation service.


Bia Don Dia was created for all birthing folk. It is here to play an important role in our community, supporting the birthing person & their family during the early weeks of postpartum, a time so magical yet very challenging. 


Our mission is to deepen the birthing persons' connection with Mother Earth as they journey into their role as a guardian to a new special being, to nurture & nourish them as their body heals from birth, and to create a sacred space for them to bond with their baby.

This is done by eating healing foods, bathing in medicinal herbs and moving through the postpartum period with sustainable living practices.

The level of care you receive during this time will impact your health and wellbeing for the rest of your life. Once the baby is born the mother is extremely hypersensitive to the environment around them. Whilst your body heals, it is vital that you are properly nourished with warm healing foods, elixirs, and herbs to aid in your recovery.

The 40-day lying-in period is for the mother and baby to rest together and the entire focus is on creating a sacred quiet space for bonding and healing. Cold foods during this time are very limited if included at all. They slow down the body's blood circulation, which therefore makes the body work twice as much to metabolize and put a halt to the recovery process. 

You can see on the menu page I have carefully put together traditional postpartum meals, elixirs and herbal teas packed with the nourishment & nutrition your body needs to heal during this period.The ingredients serve to replenish lost nutrients, aid in milk production, calm the nervous system, and restore energy and warmth to the body after your labour & delivery. 

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Food & placenta deliver y- Monday - Saturday 8am-12pm
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